The Big Things or The Little Things

Hello , I have a question

Yesterday I posted a daily inspiration quote from John Zabat-Zinn that said “The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.”

Which had me thinking…  Which means more to me: the big things or the little things in a relationship? Well in any relationship for that matter but I’m referring to a marital relationship. Of course we all love or should I say have expectations for the big things to be taken care of. Some of the big things for a man are considered being the house hold provider, paying the agreed bills, help taking care of the kids, etc… Some of the big things for a woman maybe cooking, washing clothes, and making sure the kids are copacetic. Now, your relationship might be different. Your “Big Things” Might be different. That’s ok. These are all examples.

Is it the little things that mean the most? Not to say your not thankful for the big things because if they weren’t done then we would be stuck. The thinking of you texts, the flowers or waking up 20 mins earlier to make your spouse breakfast (thats lot for me!! I have like 10 alarms set each morning)

My Opinion: The little things mean more to me. We live life in the fast lane. We race to keep up with. We are over-worked, over-connected and over-stressed. So when HE does that one little thing… when he stops to say I need to do or get this for my wife  that makes me feel so loved and special





Day Two :)


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I can’t tell you how excited I am to start this blog. I stayed up for a while last night just reading about blogs. I picked up a lot of different pointers. I didn’t tell many people about the blog yet. I am pretty shy. So I will slowly break out of my shell. I’m on the right track you know. Im sitting here eating Utz Red Hot chips and typing away while the daycare kids are sleep. Did I mention I run a daycare. Yes, My husband and I have a family daycare. The kids I have are wonderful. I can have up to six kids by myself at one time. People ask me all the time is starting a daycare in Philadelphia hard. I tell them it’s not hard if you follow the check list. Check out this Opening A Family Daycare link for the check list and instructions.

If you have any questions on how I did it please reach out to me and I will answer any and all questions


Happy Hump Day

First blog post

Hello, First Post. My name is Kris! I am a 31 years old married woman with four kids. My blog isn’t going to be perfect b/c who is. I am not a English major or teacher. I dont have a college degree. I will speak the truth at all times! Buts Lets remember its MY truth meaning: its my opinion. (SMILES) Lets begin!!

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